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AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide

Here, we will cover the basics of almost all features of AFK Arena to guide you on how to play this fantastic RPG game and improve your profile. In this AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide, we will guide you in the most basic way to understand well and enjoy the game as you start playing.

Playing AFK Arena

AFK Arena is pretty simple to play. This is an automated game in which your teams play themselves, and you don’t need any interaction to control your teams with the keyboard; that’s why the name corresponds to Away From Keyboard(AFK). Rewards are generated in the game; even if the app is turned off, you return later and receive the rewards.

Campaigns In AFK Arena

As you progress through the game, you get experience and rewards, including coins, gears, hero essences, hero experience, crystals, and many others. You are rewarded better as you make progress, complete campaigns and chapters. It’s better to collect rewards daily, or you may lose many resources. AFK rewards should be collected in 12 hours; otherwise, you won’t be able to collect rewards after 12 hours, and it can make your progress slow. The game rewards you when you complete a level that you have been struggling to beat.

afk arena beginner guide

Joining A Guild

When you join a guild, you are given access to guild bosses that reward currency. You can spend that currency in guild stores on gear. It’s not compulsory to join the guild from your own server; instead, you can join it from any server. Legendary and mythic items can also be stocked if your progress in the campaign is sufficiently high.

afk arena guild joining

Heroes in AFK Arena

Following, I will share the factions of heroes in the AFK arena; it’s actually a grouping of heroes that can be strong or weak against one another. It means you can do 25% more damage to the other team if your faction is stronger than theirs.

  • Celestials

Wu Kong
While fighting with enemies, Wu Kong can duplicate himself to avert damage.
Telene is immortal; she gets regenerated after every death. She can also mend up to 2 allies when her 10% HP is lost.
Orthros is a tank-hero. He can freeze time, heal himself, put traps, and can beat the weakest enemy as time passes.
Elijah and Lailah
Elijah and Laila are two heroes, and they can fight separately on the battlefield.
Athalia is a specific melee hero. Her attack is rapid and gives burst damage. Her positioning is critical, and she takes little damage when more of her team members are alive.
  • Hypogeans

Mezoth is a tank-hero. If Mezoth’s health is above fifty per cent, enemies can’t take control of him. Mezoth relishes his enemy target and imprisons them in his stomach.
Khazard can freeze the enemies and control them in the battleground.
Zolrath can manipulate the time rules to defeat his enemy.  With the battle procession, he becomes more powerful.
Ezizah’s energy is resistless. It can control the mind and can interrupt the enemy’s attacks.
Mehira can suck her enemies life, can control the mind, and provide energy to her allies.
  • Lightbearers lightbearers in afk arena

Oscar is a battle royal hero. He teleports using his knives and kills the enemy slicing them up.
Cecilia can give up to 300% damage at level 81 using her divine blade to the enemy having the most number of sins. This damage increases to 320% at level 161.
Rigby impacts 150% damage when he throws his barrel towards his enemy. He then throws pipes into the leaked content of the barrel, causing 260% AoE damage.
Gwyneth is a ranged hero. She gives more damage and feels more powerful when her allies are near to her on the battlefield.
Rosaline is a specific hero. She will always follow her most powerful companions on the battlefield to heal and buff them.
Rowan shocks his enemies and aid energy to his allies using gold coins.
Hendrik lasts long on the battlefield and is a CC heavy tank hero. He can defend an ally from the backline getting fatal damage.
Lucius is a hybrid tank hero. He can provide a shield to his allies and heal them. His strike does not impact much damage.
Angelo is one of the pure healers in the game. His heals are not strong and does not impact much damage.
Belinda can give heavy damage in a short period of time. She is a strong burst hero.
Fawkes is a ranged DPS. He can take an enemy out of the battle by locking them into a box for 9 seconds.
Estrilda is a weak tank hero and can be killed easily. She gives energy regeneration and damage reduction to her allies.
Hogan is an advanced HP tank and has CC that you can be applied quickly. Hogan’s damage is weaker than other tanks. Her ultimate ability Cripple can mark all the enemies increasing the damage rate up to 20%.
Thane is a glass cannon battle royal DPS. He performs better and does more damage when his crit rating is high.
Raine is a strong DPS hero. She is nothing alone, but she starts to perform better when matched with the right heroes.
Mirael can counter enemy mages and has nice AOE burst damage.
Morvus can deal with heavy damage. He is a DPS with decent AOE for his team. He can shock/stun the enemies and kill the weaker ones.
  • Maulers Maulers AFK arena

Aniki is an invading tank with decent CC. Anoki blows his horn to call beasts of iron-jaw that can kill up to 3 enemies. Enemies can face damage of up to 50% fighting with beasts.
Skriath is a mage hero. He can control sand and can do AOE damage to enemies. He creates a sand whirl in the centre of enemy creation that continues for 5 seconds. Whirl does 70% DPS to enemies trapped in it.
Tidus is a bursty hero with DPS. Tidus focuses a whirlwind on the battlefield and spirals into it. He slices up the enemies dealing them the damage of 160%.
Satrana is a bursty melee hero with AOE damage.
Antandra is a tank hero and can do burst damage to enemies. She can put her mark on the enemies for 6 seconds and can convert 30% damage to the enemy into her health.
Safiya is a fire mage hero. She directs her energy into an orb dealing AOE damage to her enemies.
Brutus is a super-strong hero with DPS. Brutus is resistant to magic and mind control while spinning.
Golus is a basic tank and can take too much damage.
Ankhira is a DPS hero with CC. She can also debuff her allies.
Numisu calls totems to help his allies. Totems can distract enemies by irritating them and can also heal team members.
Saveas is a DPS hero. He can increase his damage by sacrificing his own life.
Warek is a weak tank hero and can be killed easily. She gives energy regeneration and damage reduction to her allies.
Vurk is a ranged damage per second hero. Vurk gives more damage when enemies are close to each other.
Skreg is a CC tank, and he is resistant to any control abilities while riding his iron-jaw.
  • Wilders wilders

Saurus is a DPS melee hero. He attacks nearby enemies with his spear giving 170% AOE damage.
Solise is a mage hero. Solise gives 280% damage to his enemies. He uses cherry blossom leaves to heal herself.
Lorsan attacks with a tempest in a concentrated area of enemy dealing AOE damage to enemies around it.
Gorvo can deal 130% damage to enemies with his angry roar.
Eironn is a DPS hero. Eironn can deal damage to enemies using his ice blade and freezes them.
Kaz is a DPS hero. Kaz can dodge enemy attacks once every 10 seconds. He can also act as a tank and stand out longer in battles.
Lyca is a support hero; she can buff her allies and provides them with energy.
Nemora uses her charm to make enemies fight with each other, and she can also heal her allies.
Seirus is a CC tank hero that can deal with AOE damage to the enemies.
Tasi is a CC and a support hero. Tasi can make enemies sleep for 4 seconds. It deals 25% damage to enemies while they are sleeping.
Ulmus is a tank hero. He can heal himself and his allies. Using his roots, he can deal 120% damage to enemies by twisting them.
Ira is a DPS hero, and she can debuff her enemies. Using her cold arrows, she can slow down enemies’ attack speed for 3 seconds.
Ogi is a tank with a nice CC. Ogi stuns the enemies sending a shockwave towards enemies by smashing on the ground.
Arden is a support hero having the best CC in the game known as “Entangling Roots”. It can root up to 3 enemies at a time.

Gears In AFK Arena

Players are rewarded with gears as they progress throughout the campaigns.  They are rewarded with gears as they collect AFK rewards chest, complete quests and missions like Team Hunting.

Do not upgrade any gear past 3 stars if you don’t have Factional Mythic Gears, because it will require tons of gold. You may commonly need to change team formation, so it’s better to keep sets for each kind of gears. Always keep gears for your heroes and main team in Resonating Crystal.

Three different types of gears are found in the game, Strength based, Agility based, and Intelligence based.

Following pictures shows the list of gears that can be used by players:

Fast Rewards in AFK Arena

You are given 1 free Fast Reward daily. You need to pay 50 diamonds for the next rewards. Always use the free one at the start of the game as it is not worth spending 50 diamonds at the start.

As you reach 16+ chapter, you can then spend 50 diamonds for an extra fast reward every day. Your chances to get Mythic gear increases and also it gives you more Hero XP to level up your heroes fast.