The Divine Realm – Peak Of Time Chapter 7


There’s nothing particularly complex about Divine Realm in Peaks of Time. To beat this chapter you need to push all the identical colored buttons to trigger a portal, which will lead you to a new map. Essentially, you will be pressing 3 blue or green buttons at the same time.

As you begin the challenge you begin in the middle of 6 spirals that end in a central point. Each spiral comes with a moon-shaped mark in either green or blue. First, you have to decide which color to hunt.

Moon Seal Path

Following picture shows the three paths for Moon Seal Path(Green One):

After you have picked up the three marks, a portal in the center will open that teleports you to the other island. The only enemy you have to fight there is one of the two chief enemies. Battle the lower level Brutus and once you have finished the camp, collect the rewards before resetting the challenge to get to the second floating island.

To reach 100%, you need to complete this map twice. In the second attempt, you must pick up the blues instead of the greens.

Sun Seal Path

Following Image shows the path for Sun Seal Path(Blue One):

Brutus tends to be a little annoying here, and you’ll need some practicing because he can kill you and one of your teammates sometimes.

Once again, look at both combinations of bosses and the Crystal Chest, and test which one will be easier to beat


After defeating the final boss, players get an Elite Shemira.

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